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The Importance of Ethical IT, Photocopier and MPS Sales

When people think ethics, they tend to imagine it only relates to fair trade with poor countries, but it applies to UK businesses as well. It’s astounding to think that in 2018 that we still meet with new customers who have come to us because of unscrupulous businesses who are willing to put profit over their business relationship and use deliberate tactics to ‘rip off’ their customers. Common bad practices involve locking new and existing customers into bad contracts, hiking [...]

KJL Document Solutions | KYOCERA - The Most Reliable Brand

KYOCERA – The Most Reliable Brand

The Buyers Lab recently conducted their annual test called the Keypoint Challenge, showing KYOCERA products to be outstanding in their field. KYOCERA products passed with flying colours, scoring 10 out of 10 for colour quality, printing speed and low costs. The results highlight the reliability of the products in a range of aspects to ensure that products from across the brand’s range are able to stand the test of time and still produce high-quality results. “All of KYOCERA’s colour copiers demonstrated [...]